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TNTWars tournament has come!
Started by grcq

Hello everyone! We are hosting a tournament on the TNTWars server (gamemode). You will be able to create a team and choose your team-mates at https://tntwars.org/tournament. The minimum amount of players in a team is 2 and the maximum of players in a team is 4. So please choose wisely who you want to invite to your team! The reason for why you must have at least 2 players in your team is to make it more fair for everyone. Due to that your opponent team might have 4 or 3 players on their team and you only have yourself, it would be a problem and hard to play. Please join the tournament if you wish to play there. The tournament is starting at 26th of March 2022 (26/04/22 with DD/MM/YY format).

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Tournament canceled due to too few registration.