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[TNTWars] Hitdetection cooldown

If a player gets hit by a tnt of someone else once, they get a tag so the plugin knows that this player hit the person, now when the tagged player dies by any means other than the TNT of another player it still counts as the kill of the player.
To "resolve" this, why not add a cooldown to the player, if a player gets hit, but does not die within X ticks of a TNT, then remove the tag. Example:
Ninjaonion hits Conorsmine with a TNT, 3 mins later Conorsmine dies to falldamage.
atm NinjaOnion would still get the kill.
With the cooldown implemented then no one would get the kill, as it was an accident
Going to fix the current hitdetection
about 1 year ago
Marked as complete.
about 1 year ago
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